Venture Equity Partners

VentureEP is a UK management team of investors acquiring businesses predominantly in the South of England that make below £1m of EBITDA. Our investment focus is on the “equity gap” where there is a lack of institutional interest in acquiring what can be excellent businesses that make below £1m of profit.

Our business improvement methodology allows us to significantly improve these businesses both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

We believe that building well run small and medium size businesses creates wealth, sustainable employment and long-term prosperity. We provide a straight talking, entrepreneurial approach to buying and building businesses whilst crystallising value for their owners.

Our backgrounds in Corporate Finance and Sales & Marketing, as well as our ability to quickly analyse the key commercial aspects of a business, enable us to transact entirely differently from other acquirers, be they Trade or Private Equity.

We understand no business will be perfect and as such take a commercial approach to evaluating risk, understanding that there will be an element of this that will remain with Venture EP as buyer, post-completion. We back our ability to make commercial decisions quickly so have designed a process fit for purpose at this level.

VentureEP made its first three platform acquisitions in 2015, with another 2 in 2017. Our in-house origination team are actively sourcing new opportunities for 2018.