Our Approach

We believe we have identified a niche in the business acquisition market, where exit options for businesses delivering under £1m of EBITDA are challenging. Private Equity firms are typically only interested in larger, stand-alone businesses. Additionally our years of consultancy and lead advisor experience into this market have highlighted that to be independent of their founder, owner managed businesses of this size typically require:

  • Strategic sales and marketing experience
  • Investment in business infrastructure

We have recruited industry leading sales & marketing and accountancy teams so that we can apply the best of corporate experience into the SME market, enabling us to confidently invest in businesses below a typical private equity threshold. This skill-set allows Venture EP to support it’s acquired businesses to develop stable and independent management teams, whilst providing a clean and successful exit for founders.

Our approach:

  • We take a no nonsense approach, using our expertise to quickly review businesses.
  • We provide clear, professional feedback and free, indicative business valuations after P&L and Balance Sheet examinations.
  • We are responsive, discrete and easy to deal with.
  • We are realistic and understand that all businesses have unique challenges and opportunities.
  • We deliver simple and straightforward acquisition processes.
  • Our legal agreements are simplified with light warranties.
  • Our DD process is also simplified and often limited to one day on site.
  • To date, we have delivered completion within 2 months of signing heads.


What we look for:

We have a very clear investment rationale and look to invest in businesses:

  • that generate between £200k – £700k EBITDA
  • that are located in the South of England, preferably within 2 hours of Basingstoke
  • where we can take a majority ownership position

We prefer our investments to be technical in nature as we think these are defensible markets and exciting businesses to work with, however we are open to all sectors as we believe that our experienced team can add value to any SME business. We are happy to acquire 100% of a business or to facilitate a longer term exit by working in partnership with the right vendors.


Contact us for a confidential discussion about your business and your needs.

We provide a free valuation and strategic feedback about meeting your aspirations. We stick to our word and work with you to deliver a positive outcome.